Download TutuApp for Pokemon GO 0.59.1

Hack Pokemon GO TutuappThis article can be used for all of those people who are interested to download TutuApp for Pokemon GO 059.1. Niantic has released a new version for the its newest game, Pokemon Go 0.59.1 that will surely make many players happy. This update comes with many new features and fixes which can be seen directly from Google Play Store.

If you have not received Pokemon Go 0.59.1 APK yet then this version will start rolling out to Android devices over-the-air in the upcoming days, but depending on your device and country you live in, this might take some time, so if you do not want to wait for days then you can download the APK from our page without any restrictions.

So, if you have installed this version then you might be searching for a way which will allow you how to hack Pokemon Go 0.59.1 Fortunately, there are many application which will hack Pokemon Go 0.59.1 but no one is like TutuApp APK.

For people who do not know some developers from China has released an application named Tutuapp which is available for Android and iOS devices.  For people who do not know Tutuapp aims to bring all the most popular games such as Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Apex Launcher Pro, Nova Launcher and much more.

Download TutuApp for Pokemon GO 0.59.1

Keep in mind: Tutuapp is not a hacking tool as Tutuapp is an assistant tool  which helps players pursue their goals better and provide players with a better game experience. Tutuapp has a nice interface and easy buttons to navigate.

Download Pokemon Go APK

  • Grab your Android phone and unlock it.
  • Now, as you have downloaded Tutuapp APK the link from above you need to enable unknown sources on your Android phone. This operation can be performed by going to Settings->Security or Settings and from there check the Unknown Sources box. Once, you have enabled this option, you will be able to install the Tutuapp APK.Tutuapp3
  • Then, tap Next >> Install and wait for the installation process of Tutuapp to be completed.Install Tutuapp
  • When the app has been installed on your Android device tap on the Open button.
  • Open Tutuapp on your Android phone and there will be a list with all paid applications or games which can be downloaded for free. So, scroll down and find Pokemon GO game tap on the icon and the Pokemon Go 0.59.1 Mod will start downloadingInstallapp APK on Android

That’s it; Now you know from where you can download TutuApp for Pokemon GO 0.59.1 version. If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts with us then do not hesitate to use the comments box.


  1. Where can i get the link? I cant update my pokemon go 0.35 – 0.37 on tutuapp pls response ..

  2. I stil dont have the 0.37 ver..i installed the new version of tutu app but still nothing…

  3. When you open up Pokemon go app via tutuapp, you will see black icon on top left, then key in the coordinates on earth icon to insert longitude and latitude place that you want.

  4. There is no link becouse there is no tutuapp pogo 0.37… Simple as that.. When it will be, you will see it in app it self…

  5. I got the TUTU app and downloaded Pokemon GO, however, when i logged in it restricting me to play and was directing me to download new version of Pokemon GO thru google play which is the legit one

  6. I think its not up coz niantic has made security tight and its taking time to for tutu app to hack it and upload it for android can’t wait

  7. we r waiting to 0.37.0 and there is already new updation 0.37.1 out when it is going to be up please answer…

  8. Admin knows as we know… Obviously hackers have hard time to bring PoGo 0.37 on android… Niantic did good job in security …

  9. the site administrators, you should at least give an answer to Android users since release 1.7 version of IOS. For even to 0.37.1 changed the topic and do not respond to us, we use Android, your shit

  10. Where are u admins of this f….ng site ??
    We just want a answer…..
    Its so difficult for u ??

  11. Becouse obviously they can’t Crack it… if they could they would already do it… Probably some features from new update don’t work when PoGO is cracked…

  12. For all those people who always complain “Why 0.37.1” not release shut the fuck up. You think its easy to cracking up online game? If y’all always asking about 0.37.1, using v0.35 and it still working fine idiot. Just wait and be patient!

    • Then next time wrote article right, and do not tell people “how to hack PoGO 0.37.1 with tutuapp” when there is no PoGO 3.71.1 on tutuapp… Simple as that… And about cracking: Cracking game is not problem, but more PoGO data is on server side, less usability in cracking… So yeah, when Niantic decide to move all important data on servers, there will be no more cracks… Simple as that…

  13. able to use google log in instead of PTC? Just hangs when I try to use google log in but works fine when I log in with my other ptc account.

  14. OK even Pokémon go 0.39.0 is there uh now we have acomlete reason for crying as there’s no pokemon go in my country v.few Pokemon’s,gyms, pokestops huhhh

  15. Bb tutuapp…im done with pokemon go,i cant stay begging the worst admin for an update ios users already have…hf while u can cause noone will keep tutuapp if u dont update pokemon go cause lets be honest…noone knew that tutu thing before pokemon go anyway 🙂

  16. Ok, so my question is this: Is it possible to log into the google account on the tutu pokemon go app? I have tried many times but it just hangs.

    Also frankly, I also installed the tutu pokemon app on my iphone. However, after a few days, the certificate gets revoked and I can’t even open the app anymore. In fact today, I can’t even install the tutu app anymore since it is no longer a trusted IOS developer. So I guess I will have to wait for them to apply for a new certificate before I can download the tutu app on my iphone again.

  17. TuTu App Pokemon Go has NEVER worked for Google log ins. And never will. Google account users are advised to simply make a new account. Or just bot.

    As for compatilibity , tutuapp pogo 0.35 seriously still works. Its working even when it is 0.39 now. So bear with it, use your 0.35, spare us all the whining.

    0.37 only gives shit candies when you walk your pet , ur never gonna lack candies when using tutu logo 0.35.

    0.39, the newest update, has a big change in security. Detection has just been made much easier. So kudos to that care modding during the launch period. As usual, banwaves wll appear, albeit massive this time. Cuz they will have date of where you caught the pokemon from now

    • Well, 0.35 doesn’t work now since niantic has made all players to update to the newest version a prerequisite to continue playing the game.

      Also, candies aren’t shit. There are some pokemons like Lapras, Snorlax etc where candies are extremely hard to come by so the buddy system helps in getting the additional candies required to power up these pokemon,

  18. 0.35 still working you idiot stop complain , you think its easy to hack online game? Shut the fuck up and be patient!

    • You are one big idiot… Why? Becouse min requirements for playing PoGO is v0.39, and it’s server side, so any try to log in with older version fail, and you get “need to update” message…

  19. There is no hack… Without root you can only have fly GPS if you have marshmallow, if you don’t have marshmallow, then you have to root and flash custom marshmallow room, then undone root with SuperSU, and then you can play with fly GPS… Xposed modules are also done, you can’t use them with magisk,and you can’t use them without magisk… BTW tutuapp for android is also done for good, at least for Pokémon GO…

  20. For all those people who always complaining, get out that dick out of your ears and pay attention!

    WE never share MOD version 0.39.1 ! Why? because we appreciate Niantic not to RUIN that Game recently released globally!

    Well shut the fuck up and install original app and GO OUT you lazy FUCK!!

  21. If you were working IN the office and no time to spent OUTSIDE the office and still want to ENJOY yourself.. well that is why i need those hack.
    I rooted, cannot log in the original pokemon go already.
    Still waiting..

  22. Suddenly you become saints and start carrying for this game… OFC not… You will never ever release new moded app because you can’t… Because by the time when you crack encryption on API and implement mods, Niantic already released new update with new encryption, and new change’s in API, and made your precious mod and work useless… Oh BTW, from 0.37 on, PoGO for android use Google’s safetyNET, and your mod cannot pass that check… On iOS you can still do mods, because there is no Safety NET check…

    • Thanks for the information.. at least you could tell it properly while the admin just being an ass.

    • Because you can’t update the mod you cant even bypass the google saftety Net LOL

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