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This guide can be used for all of those who are interested to download and inatall Tutuapp APK for Android, iOS Devices and on PC, learn how to use it with Pokémon Go, what is Tutu.VIP and all information about it. If you are searching for modded games or applications then now your research is over. Some developers from China have developed an application named TUTUApp.

Tutuapp APK Android

This application comes pre-installed with other some unique features which cannot be found on other Android modifying tools. For people who do not know TUTUApp aims to bring all the most popular games with coins, money, and gems and applications such as Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, 8 Ball Pool, Clash Royale, Super Mario Run, Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld, Apex Launcher Pro, Nova Launcher and much more for free without paying anything, isn’t cool?

Best Features of TUTUApp – MUST READ

  • Access To Premium Apps

Thanks to TUTUApp, your days of shelling out hard earned cash for the premium apps and games that you seek are finally over. All of the barriers that have been placed between you and your favorite apps are finally being broken down.

  • Modded Versions

In most instances, those who are in search of certain apps and games will want the modded and hacked versions, as opposed to the originals. Popular paid apps and games are now accessible in their modded versions, which aligns with the objectives of most TUTUApp users.

  • Additional Tools

TUTUApp is instrumental in helping smartphone users to learn more about how to handle their phone. By utilizing all of the additional tools that this app has to offer, you now have the ability to get the absolute most out of your smartphone.

  • With the help of this cool application you can transfer anything you want from a smartphone to another like documents, music, pictures, videos, apps and so on.
  • It allows you to speed up your smartphone quickly. The way it does that is via closing all the apps that are currently running in the background. The user experience gets better and better each time you use your smartphone because you never have to worry about any slowdowns or similar issues.

Download & Install Tutuapp APK on Android

So, if you are searching to download Tutuapp instead of AppVn APK for your Android device then you are in the right place. You can download the latest TUTUApp APK version 2.2.32 from the download button from below.

We regularly update this post with the latest version of TutuApp APK, so you can bookmark this page to download the APK file as soon as it is released from its developers.

● Package name:

● Application Name: TUTUApp known as Tutu Helper

● Version: 2.2.32

● Updated: 9th April 2017

● File size: 6.63 MB (6,959,716 bytes)

Download TutuApp APK 2.2.32

      1. Now, you need to enable unknown sources on your Android phone otherwise you won’t be able to install the application. This operation can be performed by going to Settings->Security or Settings and from there check the Unknown Sources box.
      2. Tap on the install button.
      3. When the app has been installed on your Android device tap on the Open button.
      4. That’s it all.

Download TweakBox App for iOS and Android (Better than TutuApp)

Download/Install Tutu app for iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad) Without Jailbreak!TutuAPP VIP IOS

As you might already know Tutuapp and AppValley is also available for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. Some users of iOS phones have reported that they cannot download and install TutuApp from iTunes and this might be the main reason why you are here now. So, if you are one of them, do not worry as we have covered you with this problem.

      1. At first, grab your iOS phone and open Safari. (Make sure you are connected into a WiFi or Cellular Data)TutuApp-iPhone
      2. Now from Safari, search for and please wait a few seconds till the page opens.
      3. On the page, there should be displayed two tabs: VIP and Regular. Tap on the regular Tab and then tap on the More icon.
      4. Next, there will be a list with options to chose from however, you need to select Add to Home Screen option.
      5. After doing so, a new page will pop up and you need to tap on the Add option.
      6. Then, you need to configure your iOS smartphone to download the APK file and run it. Go ahead to Settings >> General Settings >> Device management.
      7. There will be a list with all profiles created, just click on one of them.
      8. Now, from there simply trust your profile.
      9. You will be asked to if you really want to trust this profile by saying: “Trusting will allow any app from this enterprise developer to be used on your iPhone and may allow access to your data“. So, tap on the Trust option.
      10. In the end, just go to home screen and open TutuApp.

How to Use Tutu app for Android & iOS devices

  1. Unlock your Android phone and launch Tutu App APK.
  2. There will be a list with all paid applications or games which can be downloaded for free. But, if you can not find your preferred app just go to the search form and type the application you want to have installed on your Android device.
  3. Click on the Get button. There will be also showed the size of the APK.
  4. Lastly, the downloading process will start and then you need to install the game.TutuApp

Most Common Questions about Tutuapp

Question 1) Do I need to have Root/Jailbreak Access on my Android/iOS device?
● Thankfully, Tutu App can be used even if your smartphone does not have Root or Jailbreak access. So, it does not matter at all.

Question 2) Is Tutuapp Safe?
● Of course yes. But, we do not guarantee you if you download Tutu app APK from any other site because the APK may contain any malware, virus, trojan or any other harmful virus which may brick your Android device and steal your personal data. So, the best choice for you will be to download the APK from our site and feel safe.

Question 3) Is Tutuapp free?
● Yes, TutuApp is a free modifying tool for Android/iOS devices and there is not any advertisement and does not offer app purchases which means that it is completely free.

Question 4) Should I use it?
● If you are a fan of Android/iOS games and want to be a genius when you are around with your friends then definitely yes.

As mentioned above Tutu app is developed from some Chinese developers so you should thanks them for this powerful tool. There are many features and gradually developers are adding more and more.

Fix Tutuapp Won’t Download Apps/ Server Error and Blank Screen Problems

As with other apps there are also problems with Tutuapp. Many people who use this awesome application on a daily basic have reported that every time they try to launch, it shows a messages saying Server Error along with the blank/white screen problem and also they cannot download apps. I’ve personally been facing with similar issues.

So, if you are also one of them who is facing with the Tutuapp Won’t Download Apps, Server Error and Blank Screen Problems then do not worry as I’ve managed how to fix the above problems. So from below I have listed some solutions and it is recommended to try them one by one until you find where is the problem, so what are you waiting about?

● Restart your Android or iOS Device. This might be funny for someone but some users on Reddit have tried this method and now they’re downloading apps on Tutuapp without any restrictions.

● Try to disable WiFi and connect to a cellular data, 3G or 4G.

● If the above solutions do not work then, you need to clear the TutuApp data and cache. You can easily clear data and cache by going to Settings > Application Manage (Applications) > Clear Data and Clear Cache > Force Stop.

● The last method which should work for you if the solutions from above does not work is by download Tutu Helper APK with the latest version from our site.

TutuApp for Pokemon GOHack Pokemon GO Tutuapp

Pokemon GO is one of the most played and addicted games at the same time for the people all around the world. For those who do not know Pokemon GO is a game where you need to catch as many Pokemons as you can. Since its release date the Niantic developers have updated it regularly and this one of the main reasons why also this days people are still playing Pokemon Go.

The game is free to download and play, but it also offers in-app purchases that provide few extra benefits to playing the game. However, why to buy them when you can easily earn more by downloading and installing Tutuapp for Pokemon GO.

Once you have installed the modified version of Pokemon Go from Tutu store you’ll get a joystick and some other MODs which are very helpful to catch Pokemons. So, with this version of Pokemon GO you do not need to to travel from place to place to complete Pokemon GO mission or tasks.

      1. Grab your Android phone and unlock it.
      2. Now, as you have downloaded Tutuapp APK the link from above you need to enable unknown sources on your Android phone. This operation can be performed by going to Settings->Security or Settings and from there check the Unknown Sources box. Once, you have enabled this option, you will be able to install the Tutuapp APK.
      3. Then, tap Next >> Install and wait for the installation process of Tutuapp to be completed.
      4. When the app has been installed on your Android device tap on the Open button.
      5. Open Tutuapp on your Android phone and there will be a list with all paid applications or games which can be downloaded for free. So, scroll down and find Pokemon GO game, tap Pokemon Go then tap on the Get buttons and MOD will start downloading.Installapp APK on Android
      6. Lastly, install MOD APK as you do with other applications.



What is TUTUApp.VIP and How to Download It?

Tutuapp.VIP is the premium version of Tutu App and it is available only for iOS devices. If you want to download and install it you should pay a price of 12$. In order to successfully install the VIP or Premium version check our steps from below.

      1. First of all, you need to download Tutu Helper by scanning the QR Code from below.
      2. Then, go ahead to Settings >> General Settings >> Device management. From there just install profile of TuTuApp.
      3. Now, you need to pay the mentioned amount ($12) and you’ll be able to install the premium version.
      4. When you’re ready; register an account or login directly if you already have an account.
      5. Type the App you want to download in the search bar.
      6. Choose the proper one and click “Get” and the application will start to download. You can easily check the download progress from the “Manage” button.
      7. In the end, install the application you’ve downloaded and enjoy your free App!

How to Install Tutuapp APK for PC/MAC (Windows 10/8/7)


      • Make sure your PC or MAC has at least 2GB of Ram.
      • Also, there should be free at least 2GB Hard disk free.
      • Read the whole article and do not skip any steps.
      1. A mentioned above you need to download an Android emulator. So, the best choice is download the Bluestacks software. Download Bluestacks
      2. Download also Tutuapp APK on your PC.
      3. Now, you need to install Bluestacks on your computer. Open Bluestacks file and click next.Next4. Then click next again Choose the File5. Lastly, click on the install button and the installation process will start.install6. Once you have installed Bluestacks on your PC/MAC. Open Tutu App APK using Bluestacks.

7. Then, the Bluestacks software will install it, so please be patient as installing process may take a few seconds or minutes.

8. In the end, just tap go to the tab where all of your applications are installed and tap on the app and it will launch.


Congratulations ladies and gents; These were all the steps that you had to take in order to learn how to download, install and use TUTUApp APK for Android/iOS smartphones. Don’t forget to share your experience and your impressions with our readers who might want to use this tutorial in to get better information using the comments field.



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      • hi tutuapp support
        i had tried many time but seem like the latest version of pokemon go not working at all, do you have others tutu APK that really work?

      • Hi tutuapp support,
        Tutuapp went just fine and I downloaded a lot of apps but after a few days I couldn’t open both tutuapp and the apps I downloaded it says that I should trust it but it doesn’t work

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